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The Challenger

June 19, 2021

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Due to COVID-19 The Challenger has been move to June of 2021

Welcome to the Challenger Mountain Bike Race. It is part  of a series of ten Cross Country races in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series (M.A.S.S.).  Situated on the beautiful grounds of Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey, the course is fast, fun, challenging, has great flow and has become an instant favorite.  You will enjoy the #1 Mountain Bike Riding destination in South Jersey (16th in the entire state of NJ acording to SingleTracks.com). This is some of the sweetest single track trails New Jersey has to offer.

Our focus is on YOU, the racer.  We want to create a course that is 'Challenging' enough for the pros, but still rider friendly for beginners.  We also have a separate course (CAT 4) just for the first time racer.  We offer pre-rides (the opportunity to ride the course in advance of the race) for mixed groups by category level, including women's specific pre-rides, and kids specific pre-rides.  Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on our pre-rides and other exciting announcements.

Most importantly we want you to have fun.  Mountain Bike Racing is about getting outside and enjoying the fresh air with family and making new friends.


Now, come "Challenge" yourself!

Race Times

Times are subject to change the day of the race.


7:30a    -  Registration Opens •  Course Pre-Riding Open CAT 1, 2, 3

8:45a   -  Course Pre-Riding Closes CAT 1, 2, 3 (ALL PRE-RIDING CEASES)


9:00a    -  Cat 1 Race Starts • 3 Laps =   22.5 Miles


11:00a  -  Cat 2 Race Starts • 2 Laps =   15 Miles


12:30p  -  Cat 3 Race Starts • 1 Lap  =   7.5 Miles


2:15p    -  Cat 4 (Novice) Race Starts • 3 Laps @ 1.5 Miles Per Lap = 4.5 Miles

(NOTE:  Cat 4 start time may be delayed based on finishing times of Cat 3


Registration closes 30 minutes prior to your race start time.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  A mandatory racers meeting will convene 10 minutes prior to the start of your race at the starting gate.  If this is your first time racing you should arrive at the venue 90 minutes prior to your race start time.


New in 2021

 We are back for 2021. Racers enjoy ear to ear smiles over one of the most exciting & fun courses in the Tri-State area.  If you haven't raced Challenger...what are you waiting for? 


Each year we take the time to ride, re-ride, and re-re-ride different trails in both directions to build a fast, fun course that has great flow.  That feeling that makes you smile.  We pay careful attention to your feedback, take it seriously, and do our best to incorporate it into the following year's race.  Wait till you see what we have in store for 2021!

Wecome Back to the all new Challenger! 


In 2019 there were:





Women Racers

In 2020 Expect nearly 450 Racers from 9 States



Each year the Challenger Mountain Bike Race continues to grow.  Advertising starts as low as $50 and can be customized to suit your needs and budget.  Simply click on the PDF logo below to view the various types of advertising and sponsorships available.  E-mail us.

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Land Owner's Rules


At the Challenger, we take your feedback seriously.  Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled MTB race experience.  You can send messages using the Contact Us link.  Please remember all the comments from the survey are submitted anonymously. Your comments are in blue, and our responses are immediately after.

41 % of the feedback was from our CAT 3 Racers

59 % Pre-Rode the course

91 % Thought the course was well marked

75 % Thought the course was Amazing and Fun to ride (15% improvement from last year)​

Early in the lap, in the open parking lot approaching the traffic circle, there was some confusion: do we dive back into woods there (no) or go to the traffic circle. With wide open view, it needed better marking. (2) Cat 1/ 55+, the cat 2 race rode into and through us. Maybe that would happen no matter what, but if the starts were 1/2h further spaced. This is a minor thing, and the passing cat 2 guys were pretty good about it. (3) Endurance, 4 hours? Just thinking.Less bone breaking than French Creek, you might get a good turnout.

Going into the race we knew that the wide open section may be an issue, but we though the pay off of adding "Molly's Loop" to the race would make it worth while.  This year we do NOT use the road.  We have pushed back the launch of Cat 2 racers by 30 Minutes to avoid that conflict.  As far as Endurance class is concerned, that would be tough to accomplish.  We will take it under consideration with MASS officials.

More food choices Excellent race The DJ was spinning great pre-ride pump you up tunes, even “Shazamed” a few. Thanks for a great race, looking forward to next year!

The DJ was my iPod and I pre-programed the music, but thank you for the compliment.  LOL

Face book adds placed locally would probably help with awareness and a Friday 7pm solstice short track would be a hit. That and some music!

We ran 3 campaigns adds on FaceBook.  At this point I think everyone in the MASS series know about the Challenger.  We are looking to advertise more in North Jersey and central PA. - Hmmm Short Track race the day before.  Hmmm. - You didn't hear the music that was blaring all day??? (See the comment above)  

Maybe find some top 3 boxes for the podium, but that’s nit picking 😉

It's harder than you think to make one.  We are working on it.

The race course was awesome, much improved over last year. Two comments for improvement. One being the count down to the start of the race...my age class had barely gotten to the line and there was a “anytime in the next 5 seconds “ announcement and bang we were off. Half of us weren’t even clipped in. Give us at least 30 seconds notice to a known start. The other is while the bathrooms are very nice, a row of port a potties would be helpful for that last second pre race bathroom break. I also noticed lines for the stalls as there are a limited number of them.

You are absolutely right about the start.  It was difficult to call up 8 people, give a 30 second countdown and call up the on deck groups.  We will probably skip call ups in 2019 to help make things more consistent between classes.  We are also looking into a better way to organize the age groups in the starting corral.  Lastly, There are 2 mens and 2 ladies bathrooms in the gymnasium.  The regular bathroom is by the entrance, but if you go down the hallway there are showers and additional bathrooms.  If the race continues to grow like it has we will work with the college on finding an appropriate spot for a few port-a-pottys.

The course was great my 14 year old son raced also in cat 3 it was his second MASS race he loved the course and wants to come back next year.

That is the exact reason we hold the race.  It's comments like this that make a race promoter's day.  BTW, you may want to have you son look into racing in the NICA league.  NJ, PA, and MD all have leagues.



The Challenger is 15 minutes from Philly, 55 minutes from DE,  1 hr 45 minutes from New York City

Below is a map of the last few miles to get to the venue.  Use the links below for directions from your nearest location.  After you click on your directions link, click on the phone icon to send directions to your phone.  The entrance off of College Drive will be closed for the race. 

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