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Skills Clinics

Whether it's to gain confidence, go faster, ride more efficiently, clear a particular feature, or simply have more fun riding, every mountain bike rider wants to improve their skills.  Attending a  MTB skills clinic is the most effective way to attain your goals.

Before we meet for your skills session we will discuss your goals and devise a plan for successful results.

All clinics will start with a brief assessment of your current skills.  While a Group Session provides the best value for your money, private and pair sessions are custom-tailored to maximize improvements.

Click below on "Read More" to learn how each session is designed to meet your needs and help you advance your skills.

Sessions are available most Saturdays and Sundays. 

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George Sokorai

Level 1 Certified

Beginner & Intermediate

Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Assn

Member# 0004459