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Big Changes

Welcome to our first BLOG post. We feel our race needs to constantly change to keep it fresh, fun, and flowing. It is very important to listen to the racers so we understand your wants and needs.  After the inaugural 2017 Challenger we conducted a short feedback survey.  We wanted to know what we did right and where we could improve.  The feedback you gave us was excellent. So what has changed?

The Start:

Let's begin with the most popular requested change you wanted.  We heard you loud and clear and have added a wide area, 1/2 mile off road prologue to the start the race.  This will allow racers to safely jockey for position before the single track.  A sound system with a microphone will be placed at the start area so you can easily hear all the announcements as well as call ups.

YES, you read that correctly we will be calling up racers to the front of each age group. It will be based on registration time. The first 8 people from each age group to register on will get called up to the front row. The first person will have their choice of where they want to line up on the front row. The 2nd person to register will then have their choice of where they want to line up in the remaining spots, and so forth until all 8 spots on the front row are full. This is for the first 8 people to register on line ONLY. If there are 8 or less racers you will still pick your starting position based on your registration order. This rule also applies to combined classes. Registering early WILL give you a strong advantage over your competition. Registration opens on February 1st at 8am.


You asked for course arrows to be placed in advance of each turn so you know what is coming, in the turn, and after the turn to confirm you are on the correct trail.  We will add "Wrong Way" signs on Non-Race trials should the course tape accidentally break.  We are also working with the college to have the course arrows up in advance of the race so you can pre-ride on your own (still pending approval).


The third most common request was more passing zones.  CCC has a lot of great tight single track.  And while tight single track is fun to ride, it can make racing frustrating when trying to pass.  We have worked diligently all fall and winter to design a race course that is still fun and challenging, while providing more opportunities for you to execute a safe pass.  There are now 4 additional areas where you can easily pass a fellow racer.  

New Assistant Race Director:

Gary Klein will be coming aboard as our Assistant Race Director.  Gary brings a wealth of knowledge as a seasoned race director, most notably he was the person who brought the MTB Nationals to P.A. in 2013 and 2014. You will see improvement in the overall flow of the event and timely awards presentations.


The Challenger will be donating $1 from each person who registers for the race to the New Jersey NICA (Middle & Highschool Mountain Biking League). You will also have the option of adding an additional donation if you would like to contribute.

That's all for now. Get ready to Challenge yourself.

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