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Changes for 2022 Challenger Endurance & XC MTB Race

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

It's that time of the year again, and the 2022 Challenger Endurance & XC MTB course is set. The race date is Saturday, June 18th, and part of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series. If we have light rain the race is on. Only heavy rain or high winds will move our date to Sunday, June 19th. Let's jump right in.


Another group has rented part of the college and they will be on site all day. The ONLY lot approved for Challenger MTB Race parking is Lot 14. Please do NOT park in any of the other lots. ONLY park in Lot 14. We will have a parking attendant on hand for this event to guide you. The parking lot will be be clearly marked. (See Tom Burrows Map below)


ALL Tents will be located in the designated tent area ONLY. You will NOT be allowed to set up a tent in the parking lot. Our friendly volunteers will be on hand to show you where to place your tent.


We take your feedback seriously and are happy to report the following changes have been incorporated into the 2022 Challenger MTB race. Thank you for your input.

  • We will NOT be using the paved track area for our start/finish line. Instead, it will be located behind the baseball field. (See Tom Burrows Map)

  • As you have come to expect, the start line is nice and wide. We were able to reduce the prologue from 0.5 miles, down to 0.35 miles before you enter the single track. This means less grass and more hard pack dirt for fun.

  • Grass - We removed nearly a 1/2 mile of grass riding and replaced it with excellent single track to add to the fun. New for 2022 is a massive double track section (The Jeep Trail) for more passing opportunities.

  • "Junk Yard Dog" makes its debut for this year's Challenger. Over the last two years, this trail has been re-developed for maximium fun. It is completely different than the surrounding area. Undulating rolling terrain & natural berms bring a unique style that is sure make you want more.

  • Porta-potties have been moved so they are roughly 100 ft from the team tent area. Close enough to handle your last minute case of the 'bubble-guts', but far enough where you won't smell it.

  • Some time in April we will have our video pre-ride of the 2022 Challenger Mountain Bike Race upload to the inter-webs. Stay tuned.

  • Official guided pre-rides will begin in May, and you can find the Strava route by clicking here.

BTW, registration is now open at . What are you waiting for...a personal invitation? You just got one. Now, come find your newest 'Challenge'!

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