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Sooo... What's up with the 2021 Challenger MTB race?

Start line of the 2017 Challenger
Photo from the inaugural Challenger 2017

For months I've been getting numerous texts, emails, phone calls, #Facebook messages and even some smoke signals asking if the Challenger is a go or not. Let's cut right to the chase. We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Challenger XC & Endurance race will be held on Saturday July 31st at Camden County College. But that is not all of our news. There is so much more.

2021 Challenger Race:

If you haven't attended the Challenger in previous years, you can watch our video to see what you missed.

Each year that we hold the Challenger we ask for rider feedback on what they liked, and what could be improved. I've heard many ask for it and now we are ready for it. New for 2021 we will add #Endurance racing to the Challenger. We have found a way to increase passing while still keeping fun, fast and flowy single track for both XC & Endurance racers. This will also open the door to securing new advertisers for endurance performance drinks and snacks. More to come on that later.

You will see the return of Molly's loop and the Cheeseman Chute. Two massive favorties that are full of high speed flow and fun. We have also found a way to make a new long gradual climb for those who love the uphill and changed up the course to keep it fresh, while maintaining the excitement you have come to expect.

Challenger Logo - New Look, New SWAG:

The previous logo for the Challenger was OK, but we wanted a professional design that would better represent our brand. Something that would stand out, yet have a classic look and feel. A simple design that could easily transition to t-shirts, banners, and....kits. Yes you can now order Voler jerseys, as well as bib-shorts.

Our New jerseys

Challenger Cycling Bib Shorts

The jerseys and bibs will be for sale. Voler will handle the sale and ship your new threads directly to you. Stay tuned for a follow up blog post with details on purchasing jerseys and shorts.

Name Change:

You've probably noticed we have changed our company website from Challenger MTB Race to Challenger Cycling. Why? Because we are now more than just a mountain bike race. We have expanded into skills coaching and are certified to instruct though PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) and will hold racing clinics before the Challenger takes place. Look for those clinics on our site and on BikeReg.


  • 2021 Race is on July 31st (Rain Date - August 1st)

  • Check out our new promo video

  • Our new Jerseys and bibs available soon

  • Registration on BikeReg opens May 31st @ 8 AM

  • And...we are working on one more surprise

Come out and 'Challenge' yourself!

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