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Giving Back to the Trails

On Saturday, November 17th a group of 11 individuals came together to repair the trail from the concrete bridge by the pond up to Molly’s at #CamdenCountyCollege. A total of 54 hours of labor moved nearly 10 cubic yards (roughly 34,000 lbs) of dirt. We filled in the massive rut that was carved out from erosion. Once that was done we added multiple grade reversals (large humps of dirt designed to divert water off the trail). With the new improvements this trail will help prevent erosion while making the trails more fun. We also removed three full bags of trash from the area. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped. Special thanks to the great team at Ground Troops for the use of their gas powered tamper to pack down the dirt. #GroundTroops is a professional lawn and landscape company which also specializes in complete snow and ice removal services, for both commercial and residential lawn maintenance, fertilization, landscape design and installation, mulching, trimming, night lighting, hardscaping, water-scaping.

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