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Hey LADIE$ !!!

This will be our 3rd year of equal winnings between men and women.

We have always felt that equal winnings between men and women are important.  In our eyes, women race the same course, do the same number of laps, and train just as hard as the mend do.  In 2019 Women’s CAT 1 Pro and CAT 1 - 40+ groups will again receive equal cash winnings as they did at the 2018, & 2017 Challenger Mountain Bike Race.  YES, that's 3 years of equal winnings.  We are looking to grow the sport we love and have sponsors who are just as passionate as we are on equality in MTB racing.  We are pleased to announce that Guy D Leaming Insurance Agency and an independent Shaklee distributor will be Co-Sponsoring Women’s CAT 1 Winnings.  Please support the sponsors who support women’s equality in MTB racing.

Women's PRO & CAT 1 - 40+ Sponsors:

Guy D Leaming Insurance Agency  You can tell Leaming Insurance is a fan of 2 wheels as they specialize in motorcycle insurance.

Shaklee Distributor, Nancy Clapp, has an affinity for empowering female MTBers through the use of Shaklee’s highly focused sports nutritional product line. An avid cycling enthusiast, this former Philadelphia V.P. for one of the nations largest cell carriers has an ever expanding team and product line.  I personally use their products when I train and race.

Ladies Specific Pre-Rides:

Join Angie Sokorai, (CAT 1 MTB Racer, Tri-Athlete, Spartan Racer, 1/2 Marathoner) on Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm, or on Tuesday, June 11th at 6pm.  You will meet at the Facilities Building Parking Lot (please park as close as you can to the bleachers located at the soccer field.  (Please refer to the map at the bottom of our website.)  The first lap will be a no drop ride with frequent stops at a beginner friendly pace.  Lap #2 will be a bit faster with less stops.  (Rain or high winds will cancel the pre-ride)

Course Markings:

Should you chose to ride on your own, course markings will be completed by Saturday May 2nd.  Indicators are bright pink ribbons and they should always be kept on your left.  Please keep in mind that the trails are very close together.  There are a few sections where a 4 way intersection will be divided by a 45 degree angle (see picture).  We have tried our best to position the markers so you are more likely to see them from the direction you are riding. Sometimes the markers are higher, sometimes they are lower to help hide it from racers coming from the other direction.  If you come into a situation where you see 2 pink markers, stop riding. Which ribbon is more visible from the direction you came?  That is probably your turn.  NOTE: We can not help it if people move or remove ribbons from the course. 

Green thing is a bush. We did our best to strategically place ribbons on bushes or trees so you will only have line of sight to the appropriate one.

Where to Start & Understanding the Course:

The start line of the race is the same as last year by the chin up bar in the field. HOWEVER, there is now a discus throw in that area. If the track and field team is practicing please do NOT ride the grassy field. Where do I enter the trails? If you are on the track by the bleachers, face away from the college. Head down the road. When you hit the low spot on the road, look to your left. You will see a Challenger Sign and pink ribbons. Go in there.  You will come out of the woods right next to that entrance in about 1 mile.  When you do, make a  left up the road.  Later around mile 6 you will go behind 3 trailers.  When you come to a large parking lot, stay all the way to your right, then turn right  You will see the pink marker on the fence around the cell tower.


Please keep in mind there are many hikers and children who use the gounds so please watch your speed and ride safely. Riding can be dangerous and is done at your own risk.  You assume any and ALL liability every time you ride.  Camden County College or it's staff, Angie Sokorai, George Sokorai, Challenger MTB Race, GWS3 Enterprise and any volunteer of the race is not responsible for injury to you, or your bike either riding in a pre-ride or on your own. If you don’t feel comfortable riding a particular part of the course, get off your bike and walk it

We would LOVE to have your feedback. Sign up below and feel free to comment.

Get ready to 'Challenge' yourself!

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