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Pre-Ride - RACE FAQs + Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Time flies by. The 2021 Challenger Endurace and XC race is is this Saturday, July 31. there’s a lot of information to get to in this blog post. So to keep things in a succinct and easy to understand format will be using bullet points.

  • RACE DATE - Saturday, July 31st. The weather is looking great with a high temperature of 82°. This will be perfect for mountain bike racing. Register NOW!

  • BATHROOMS - Due to Covid we will NOT be using the gymnasiums bathrooms. We will have porta-pots. Please bring PLENTY of water, and remember to stay hydrated.

  • ENDURANCE - YES! We have endurance this year. The course has changed to be fun for both XC and Endurance and allow plenty of room for passing.

  • ON Line REGISTRATION - Registration closes Wednesday at 11:59 PM. To register please go to: If you signed up in the wrong catagory or age group, you can update your registration by logging into your BikeReg account and using their support page.

  • DAY OF REGISTRATION - We HIGHLY reccomend you register on BikeReg. However, if you do decide to register the day of the race, you will be required to fill out and sign a day of form. Prices increase by $10 for day of registration and we will only accept CASH the day of the event. Green Cash ONLY. No checks, no CC, no electronic payment methods. There are 5 ATMs within a 1 mile drive from the venue.

  • VOLUNTEERS - WE NEED YOUR HELP ON RACE DAY! If you can spare just a few hours, we can use your help for our registration tent, course pre-sweep (ride 1 lap early at 7:15 AM the day of the race to look for down tape, and ensure the course is easy to follow), CAT 3 Sweep (ensure all the CAT 3 racers are off the cours), and a CAT 4 Sweep (ensure all the CAT 4 racers are off the course). We can also use some help for break down. Our volunteer registration page is here: If you can not volunteer but know someone who can, please share the link with them.

  • NO PETS - This is the College’s rule. Please leave Rover at home.

  • DIRECTIONS - They are on the map. GPS will NOT get you to the parking area. Use the map.

  • PARKING - Use the Map to park in the approved parking lots. There are other activities going on at the college please be respectful and only use lots 7, 8,10, & 14.

  • The day of the race all pre-riding must cease at 8:30 AM

  • TENTS - All tents must be set up in the grass around the outer edge of the track. On the map you will see the word “Track” in red letters that curve is where the tents can be placed. Do not set up tents on the inside of the track or in the partking lot. Please stake down your tents.

  • CHECK IN - Check in will start at 7:15 AM. If you pre-registered, please check in at the registration tent to mark you as present.

  • OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTS - 15 Minutes before the start of each Catagory race. (NOTE: CAT 1 your annoucments will be held the same time as Endurace at 8:30)

  • MEDICS - We will have medical on site. They will be located near the registration tent.

  • FOOD - We are excited to inform you this year we will have 2 food trucks from Caribbean Paradise. After a hard work out on the bike, come enjoy delicious, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Jerk Wings, Whiting Fish, Mac & Cheese, Jamaican Patties, & Jamaican Sodas. They will also have; Burgers, Dogs, Chicken Fingers, and Fries. I’ve been to Jamaica five times, and their food is 100% authentic.

  • PRE-RIDES - Guided rides are held Mon, Tues and Wed this week. We will do a loop of the CAT 4 course first (should any CAT 4 riders attend 1.5 mile loop), then we will do a lap of the CAT 1,2,3 course. All pre-rides will meet at the track. Please park in the facilities parking lot. This is what the Pre-Ride Schedule looks like:

  • Monday - 6PM Hosted by George Sokorai = CAT 4, follow by CAT 1,2,3 (Open to Women and Men)

  • Tuesday - 6PM Hosted by Angie Sokorai = Ladies ONLY Pre-Ride of CAT 4, then Ladies ONLY Pre-Ride of CAT 1,2,3.

  • Tuesday - 6PM Hosted by George Sokorai = Pre-Ride of CAT 4, then CAT 1,2,3 (Open to Women and Men)

  • Wednesday - 9AM Hosted by George Sokorai = Pre-Ride of CAT 4, then CAT 1,2,3 (Open to Women and Men) & and 6PM Hosted by George Sokorai = Pre-Ride of CAT 4, then CAT 1,2,3 (Open to Women and Men)

An all new ’Challenge’ awaits! See you Saturday.

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