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After a LONG, COLD, WINDY, WET, winter, spring is finally here, and that means so is MTB XC racing. April 22nd kicked of the #Mid-AtlanticSuperSeries XC season with the #TrekBikesSpringXCClassic, and the weather was perfect. I have to say it was a VERY well ran event put on by #TrekBikes & #RideBontrager. Over 600 racers enjoyed some sweet single track, with exhilarating descents and tough climbs. Yours truly finished 29th of 47 in CAT 2 40-49 while recovering from pneumonia.

April 28th was the #IIGOMTBR (#PowerOnCoaching) sponsored by #StansNoTubes. Big props to MK for giving the #ChallengerMTB race some good ol' fashioned #ShamelessPromotion. The course had more dualing singletracks than I've ever seen, and the Logzilla was sweet. I managed to get 10 laps in the books, but I'm paying dearly for it today.

News update on the Challenger. I heard you loud and clear on 3 key concerns for 2018.

1st ) - Mark the course so you can pre-ride at your leisure. The course will be ready to pre-ride about a month before the race. We still have some work to do to get the course 100% ready. I'll also host some pre-ride like last year, so keep any eye out for pre-rides. #CamdenCountyCollege has been a GREAT partner of the Challenger, and we want to keep it that way. Please wait till we announce that pre-riding is ready.

2nd ) - More course Arrows to alert you of hard turns & warn you about obstacles. Here are the new signs. They are 9" x 12" and if you miss these, you need some new glasses. We've made several hundred.

3rd ) - A longer start to the race & more passing zones. We've added a 1/2 mile long prologue to last years start. You will have 3/4 of a mile before the single track starts. That's plenty of time to thin things out amongst your peers. After a brief single track section you have another 1/2 mile of wide passing before the serious single track beings. I've also added 3 double track sections in various places to provide ample room to pass throughout the race.

Then there is the all NEW Heckle Pit (Please read rule of conduct on our main page). Get ready to cheer, yell, bring a cow bell, trumpet, vuvuzela, guitar, anything that will make noise. Add to the fact that this is the ONLY race with real running water bathrooms, the ONLY race with a giant outdoor video wall to show you the action on the big screen, the ONLY race that let's you send pictures and messages to the video wall, there is plenty of parking, easy drop off of team tents, and now for the first time ever call-ups for the first 8 racers in each catagory...what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW and get ready for an all new "Challenge".

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