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Your Feedback Matters

The course tape is down, the woods have been cleaned of debris, and the 2018 Challenger Feedback Survey is ready. Quick summary in 2017 we had 283 Pre-Reg with 83 Day of Reg for a total of 366. 2018 saw a 15% growth rate with 312 Pre-Regs and 109 Day of Regs for a grand total of 421 racers. BTW the 109 day of Registrations set a new M.A.S.S record. We are also happy to note that we saw a 3.5% up tick in the under 25 groups. NICA's impact will continue to grow our sport.

Big thanks to Jeremiah Bishop for coming out to race and for the Bike's -n-Brews pre-race party. It was a great time pre-riding with him, but I will note that even on a pre ride he is HIGHLY competitive. I now know how fast a Pro really is...and it's scary fast! (Fun note: I showed him a fun section where you can ride through a tree. We both laughed at how much fun it was to ride.)

Jeremiah Bishop coming through the tree @ the 2018 Challenger. You never forget your first tree ride.

Big thanks to our Assistant Race Director Gary Kline, Technial Director Adam Dietrich, and to the 50 + volunteers who helped make this race happen. Especially Karen Steur who took a week off from work just to help get things all set for the race. THANK YOU!

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Now, take the survey and wait till you see the 'Challenges' we have in store for you in 2019!

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